Want to Know Which Calgary Neighbourhood is Right For You?

Scout it out before you doubt it.

This month we were featured in a blog on the realty site Zoocasa about Calgary neighbourhoods. The interview was great. It also got us thinking a bit more about some things we've learned helping folks buy homes in Calgary over the years.

There are many things to consider when searching for the right neighbourhood. Do you want to live close to family or friends? Would you like to be close to schools? What do you do for fun? What are the walking or biking scores in particular communities?

But have you thought about how some of your biases or preferences may influence your decision?

Here are two trends we've noticed that are particular to Calgary.

North versus south versus east versus west.

In Calgary, folks tend to align themselves with a quadrant of the city and stick to it, especially if they grew up here.

There's nothing wrong with buying in an area of the city you feel comfortable in or have lived in before. What you want to try and avoid is letting your preference for the familiar shut you off to other potential areas that might have a lot to offer.

Instead of drawing out boundaries by east and west or north and south, try drawing out boundaries by school catchment areas or commuting times from school or work.

Don't miss out on finding a home that checks all your boxes simply because you didn't pop a specific quadrant of the city into your search criteria.

Inner city or outer limits.

Similar to a preference for city quadrant, most folks have reasonably strong feelings about whether or not they want to live close to downtown or farther out in a newer community.

Each has a stigma; not always deserved.

Some buyers are surprised at just how much they can get in a quiet, suburban-feeling inner-city neighbourhood that's still close to the river, the pathways, and social hotspots like InglewoodBridgeland or Kensington.

At the same time, people who prefer the inner city are sometimes shocked to discover just how much newer and more suburban communities have to offer.

Scout it out before you doubt it.

Before you conclude about any neighbourhood or the other, take the time to check it out. We mean really check it out.

Spend a day in the life of someone who lives in that community: do some of your regular shopping errands at a few nearby shops, drive around to different schools, or head out for lunch or dinner at a restaurant in the area.

This due diligence will help you make an informed decision about whether or not a neighbourhood is right for you.

Finally, ensure you use a professional and experienced Calgary Realtor® who intimately knows our city's diverse and exciting neighbourhoods.

Need some help? Don't hesitate to reach out.