How do you sell a house fast and get the most money for it? Should I sell my Calgary house now or wait until later? Should I sell in a hot market? Why isn’t your house selling? What are the steps involved in getting my house sold?
Here’s our step-by-step guide to answer all your initial questions about selling your Calgary home.

1. Get in touch with the best Calgary real estate agents.

The main reason a house doesn’t sell is because someone tries to sell it privately or doesn’t hire the right real estate agents to do the job.

To your house fast and for the best price you need an experienced professional Realtor® with strong negotiating and problem solving skills and has your best interests at heart.

Someone who doesn’t require follow-ups. And gives great advice. Someone who comes armed with answers to your many questions — and points out potential problems you didn’t even think about.

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2. Do your Calgary real estate market research.

You’ve heard it before: research, research, research.

When selling a home you need to know the current state of the market in Calgary, the seasonal patterns in home sales, whether or not it's a buyers or sellers market, and other market specifics relevant to your community and property type.

At our initial discovery meeting we’ll run you through a full market analysis with a list of comparable homes buying or selling in your neighborhood — called a comparative market analysis (CMA).

Our clients are always testifying to our superior level of market knowledge. So you can make an informed decision about whether or not it's the right time to sell.

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3. Find the right price for your Calgary Home.

Another reason Calgary homes don't sell is that they aren't priced right.

Much more goes into determining the market value of your home than just adding or subtracting numbers from what you see on your property tax assessment.

Using the comparative market analysis, we help you pick a price we believe your house can sell at and attract attention from an eager pool of buyers. Calgary real estate market conditions are always changing. So we keep our finger on the pulse to ensure we've chosen the optimal price before listing.

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4. Maximize your home's value

Our step-by-step plan focuses on appealing to buyers.

Things like: how to declutter and refresh your property, how to position furniture to highlight the floorplan, and what selections or upgrades have more longevity and give timeless appeal. Or updates that provide the highest return on investment.

When potential buyers visit, we make sure they can picture themselves in their new home and not your old one!

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Driving Up Your Home's Value.

5. Show it Off to Qualified Buyers

Your home is dressed up, now it's time to show it off.

Showings can be tricky. And we know they can be inconvenient. We book showings around your schedule and not ours.

6. Sign the paper's and celebrate success!

The deal is done. The sold sticker is on the sign. And you say ‘wow, that was easier than I expected.

But don't worry...this won't be the last you see of us. We handle all the final documentation on your behalf and outline what you need to do next to finalize the sale.

Including celebrating your success!

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