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Want to Know Which Calgary Neighbourhood is Right For You?

Posted on Nov 16, 2022

Scout it out before you doubt it.

This month we were featured in a blog on the realty site Zoocasa about Calgary neighbourhoods. The interview was great. It also got us thinking a bit more about some things we've learned helping folks buy homes in Calgary over the years.

There are many things to consider when searching for the right neighbourhood. Do...

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Searching for a cheap house in Calgary?

Posted on Sep 21, 2022 in Buying

Here’s some free advice on buying cheap.

If you're typing "cheap homes for sale in Calgary" into your search browser, here is something novel to consider: nobody really wants to buy a cheap home. 

We know…who doesn't want to get something…anything…cheap? But wait, hear us out a second. 

When we say nobody wants to buy a cheap home, we actually mean no...

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What to do When Buying a Home in the Current Calgary Housing Market Slowdown

Posted on Aug 21, 2022 in Buying

Don’t Let the Herd Get You Down

Now that Calgary’s housing market is taking the lead from other major markets across the country and beginning to cool off, many prospective buyers are wondering what to do in a softening market.

During any prevailing market trend —hot or cold —I like to remind clients that much of our individual investing behaviour...

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Interested in Interest?

Posted on Jul 13, 2022 in Real Estate

Here are some fixed things you might not know about variable interest rates.

As the Bank of Canada has just raised its benchmark interest rate by the largest amount in more than 20 years, Calgary home buyers and homeowners are increasingly interested in interest. And, who can blame them?

The type of interest rate you choose will inevitably affect y...

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The Main Mistake People Make When Buying Their Dream Home. 

Posted on May 25, 2022 in Buying

Why you might reconsider always trusting your first impression. 

There are several mistakes people make when buying homes: searching for houses without being pre-approved for a mortgage; failing to have the home inspected before they buy; making an offer based on the asking price and not the market value. 

But if you can believe it, one of the main mis...

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How to Set an Offer Price

Posted on Oct 26, 2021 in Selling

There is no set equation to determine how you’ll reach an offer price. Rather, the process involves a range of research and comparison that will vary with each situation. You’ll need to look at sales of comparable properties, and factor in additional data such as the condition of the property, the current market, and seller circumstances. With this...

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